Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little People Have Gyms Too!

Today I had the opportunity to bring Korey to the Little Gym:) and the name is pretty much self-explanatory, wouldn't you agree:)

A little gym for little people!

Right when I walked in, Korey and I were greeted with a "WELCOME TO THE LITTLE GYM!" shout from one of the gym instructors. She signed him in and told me to make sure Korey had socks on before going onto the mats:) which made me smile for some reason. lol.

I attended the "Little Bugs" class with my friend, Benita, and her sweet girl, Naiya (who, by the way, does mini sit-ups at just 4 months! LOL!) There were only two other momma's and their "little bugs" in the class with us and we were promptly informed that it was so small because ten or so move up to the next level (the cut-off for this class is 10 months) !

We started the class by introducing ourselves and our Little Bugs and were asked to share something unique about them. I chose to share Korey's most recent milestone--he just figured out how to put his own feet in his mouth! My silly boy.

Next we sang songs with tiny instruments (bells and drumsticks). Korey, of course, put his in his mouth while I tried to show him how to use them.

After music time, we had "free time" and got to explore the rest of the gym. The instructors showed us how to safely roll down an incline with them tucked away in our arms and even had us help them do little flips:) too cute.

Did you know that if you help your little one do baby somersaults and flips during the first year of their lives that they will be able to perform them by themselves by their 1st birthday? Just something I learned at the Little Gym.

Korey was all smiles during the assisted somersaults and flips exercise. I love seeing his gummy grin! As the class began to wind down, we sang that ever so popular "clean up, clean up" song while we helped them pick up all of the toys:) Korbear truly enjoyed his first little workout.

I think the bubble extravaganza was the best part of the day though! This was the last one...before it popped.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Korey Boy!

Happy (belated) New Year!
Try as I might, I still have not become that avid blogger than I wish to become--but I'm getting there, I think. I have neglected my blog long enough, so here it goes!
Update on Korey Bear- he just went in for his four (and a half) month check-up and weighed in at 14.10lbs with an impressive length of 26.75 in:) He's lanky but still very healthy:) and he took his shots like a strong boy! He cried for a grueling ten seconds then smiled at the nurses who were "awe-ing" over his big brown eyes. He knew it too.
Sometimes I think Korey knows he's a cute little man baby. He'd rather stare at himself in the mirror than look at his mommy!;) Then again, it is about that time for self-recognition to start kicking in, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
As far as the flipping and turning over milestone goes, Korey accomplished it the VERY day we placed him in his crib for the first time! Talk about a gestures of gratitude! Since then, he fakes the funk and refuses to do it again--but we know he remembers how. In fact, he's doing a "half'-roll" right now! Oh, this boy...

Note to Korey: Sorry Korebear, I'm no longer going to be helping you as have been pushed and rolled over far too many times. I know you've got it!

I am also back "on the radar" as far as attending baby playgroups here in Arizona! I went through a "I-just-feel-like-staying-home-with-Korey-or-going-to-Target" phase about two months ago. That got old quickly and I started to miss my mommy friends dearly. It feels good to hangout out with them again. Getting to know them and their little ones is a joy!...Hey, they also help my days go by faster while waiting for daddy to come home!

Korey, Ian, and Naiya