Our Teeny Tiny Family

Our family was made complete on August 31, 2010. See that beautiful baby boy in the middle there? His name is Korey Oliver and he is the light of our lives. Young as he may be, he knows who's boss, ok!? Talk about a take-charge-kinda-guy! He came into this world with a rambunctious attitude and it certainly stuck! We never knew a love like this until the day he was born. PURE bliss! Needless to say, we absolutely love his little personality and enjoy each and every day with him...no matter how crazy things may get. Hey...nobody ever said that parenthood would be easy, right?

My husband's job as a Chaplain recently brought us from San Diego to Arizona. His passion for preaching and ministering to those in need is something that I have truly enjoyed watching him do. God has blessed him tremendously with this gift and he, without question, uses it to better His kingdom. Without God we have nothing and we are firm believers of that. We wholeheartedly trust in Him when it comes to changes in our lives...and with that said, we look at moving to Arizona as a true blessing and anticipate the things that will soon happen in our lives!

...as for me--well, I am a stay at home mom hoping to stick to new hobbies that I pick up. I enjoy every single minute being a mommy and hope to share this journey with you all! Sure, there are days where I throw the diapers on the the floor, let the laundry pile up, leave DIY projects undone, order takeout instead of cooking, just let the house GO, but it all seems to find it's way back in order by the end of the day...or week. Life is great over here in Arizona and I look forward to each day with a "what-should-I-do-next?" attitude.

So follow us as our new little family grows up in Arizona!


  1. I am so happy for you and the many blessings God has placed in your life. I shall enjoy reading your blog :)

  2. You are a great writer, Kristen! You should check into getting paid to blog! I love Korey's smile in this picture!!!!