Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Blog or not to Blog?

There are millions of bloggers on the world wide web that have captured the attention of readers who share their same interests. I am an avid blog reader to a wide variety of blogs ranging from baking to home renovating. With that said, I am now quite fond of the idea of starting one of my own. Since Karlton and I are no longer San Diegans I decided to try and stick to it this time and ultimately make it a hobby so that you all (my very missed San Diego family) can remain a part of the Edison family, via the web. Through this blog, I plan to keep you updated on the many events, trials, and triumphs that take place in our lives out here in Arizona. Starting with this one...

Our first reaction when we moved out here was ", this place is truly Arizona's 'San Diego'! Jackpot!". We must inform you that the weather during this time of year is quite charming:) from the COOL chill breeze to the lucious green grass (can we say, "YUMMY!"?)--very welcoming, indeed.
Shopping here is very convenient, there are shopping centers and two malls within 3-5 miles of our new house and we don't even need to jump on the freeway! Isn't that great?! Ok...well to me it is....speaking of our new house, here is a picture of our humble abode!:

Yes, our community planted courtyards and surrounded them with homes. I thought this was a not-so-clever idea because, one ever comes our the front door because to get to the cars we go through the garage! Duh. Needless to say, I haven't seen any of my neighbors walk through their front doors because of that.

Photo Courtesy of GoogleMaps


  1. First off, that place totally reminds me of Stockton, with everything within a 1-3 miles radius and no freeway! How awesome!
    Second, you are the one who got me addicted to younghouselove! I love what they do and it has definitely inspired me to do something to my house too.
    Third, I'm so glad the weather is great there right now because one of my fears of visiting was being in the heat! Hopefully, it doesn't get too cold in winter tho! Glad you're doing this blog because I love to read them. Miss ya'll mucho!

  2. Congratulations on the new home! It is lovely. The courtyard effect is a nice idea but too bad you don't get to "use" it much :) Hope you'll see your neighbours more often :)