Monday, November 22, 2010

Stir It Up!

As promised, my Monday blog posts will cover my exploring of the many Jamaican recipes found in the cookbook that I recently purchased (mentioned in this post).

Now, I'm no cook enthusiast (and definitely no connoisseur), but I figure if I devote one day a week to stir up a new dish, then maybe I will become the chef of my very own....home!

Before I continue on with today's post let me give you two reasons why there will be no recipe today:

Cue: somber music :'(

Ok, #1---my cookbook has not arrived in the mail yet! Blasted USPS...

and #2---we actually made dinner plans with some pretty fabulous friends of ours.

...with that said, let me leave you with favorite Bob Marley song:


  1. lol...itll arrive b4 u know it!!!!!!!! wonder if Kor will speak Patois LOL

  2. Lol, awesome-ness!!! So glad to hear ya'll are well and can't wait for next Monday!!!...hopefully!

  3. :) Thanks for the video. My Hubby & I enjoyed it :) Hope your cookbook comes real soon :)