Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thrifty Library

This weekend, the Edison trio decided to check out the local thrift shops to see if they could get their hands on fancy little things worth salvaging...

And we ended up at St. Vincent De Paul's Thrift Store!

There were seemingly endless aisles of thrifty goods that I could totally see in our new home:) However, due to pressed time (we were on our way to a friend's daughter's birthday party) we only parted with some festive items from these shelves:


Kristen + a thifty library + Karlton pushing Korey in the stroller = Kristen in happy-land with an impatient husband.

That's right! I absolutely enjoy browsing (and ultimately purchasing) books from the shelves of Border's, Barne's and Nobles, Kinkos or even grocery stores!...but if I can find a way to get my hands on them cheap, I will buy as many as I possibly can! Take a look at the three books I bought today...for a whopping .25 cents each!

#1: The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans

#2: Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter

#3: The Most Beautiful Gift by Jonathan Snow

Yes, I plan to read them all this Christmas:)

I purchased these these books in anticipation for the Christmas season! Since it is less than a month away I might as well start buying items to decorate my home, right? Our entry was is sort of naked right now so I want to spruce it up and make it the place in our home that screams, "Hey, look at me! Iiiiiiit's (insert holiday here)!" I plan to do this by having trinkets, books, and other decor that coorespond with the present season/holiday (Valentine's Day, Fall, Christmas, etc.) and do this year-round. Catch my drift?

The point of purchasing these books was to mock this look here.

Aren't those lovely looks?! I guess I'm ruining the surprise since I obviously haven't finished gathering all of my trinkets and decor, but...who cares.

Oh, I can't forget Korey! These are his new Christmas books...also .25 cents each:)

So the next time you pass by a thrift store...take a look-see:) You may be surprised by the things you find:)


  1. I love the book styles you were trying to mock!! All u need is a good flower vase thingy :)

    Korey is so lucky to have a stylish mommy!!

  2. I concur Dani! Korey is very lucky!
    Kristen you are sharing some lovely stories on your blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading them :) Keep up being a supermom!!
    By the way I love Karlton's facial expression lol Is that where Korey got it from? lol

  3. Hahahaa! Thanks you two! I will have Karlton snap a picture of him while I am reading him those Christmas stories.

    Awe, I appreciate my dedicated blog readers (you all!) and love that you love them as much as I enjoy writing them:)

    and yes, many of Korey's facial expressions mirrow Karlton's. Hahaa!

  4. LOL Then I can't wait to see more of Korey/Karlton expressions :)

    I enjoy reading your blogs so much that I have subscribed to it! Now I never miss anything :)

    Can't wait to see a pic of you reading to little Korey :)