Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wrappers, Wrappers Everywhere!

It's that time of year!

Earlier today, to give Korey a change of scenery, we hopped in the car and went to Target! I absolutely love perusing the aisles there in my spare time--even if I have no plans on buying anything;-) Target has almost everything I need, including groceries! Who wouldn't agree with me here? Which is why it is in the top three of my "favorite-places-to-do-a-little-shopper's-therapy" list! Oh, joy!

The first thing I went for when I got the "Holiday" section were the wrapping papers. And, boy oh boy, there are endless barrels of rolls to choose from this year! The rolls pictured above are the Premium Wrapping Papers and are going for $4 and/or $5 each...pricey for a roll of paper, but worth it if you are into glittzy and textured gift wrapping. If you've never gone the textured route, give it a go this year--they are sure to glam things up. I can't wait to start wrapping my loved ones' gifts with the rolls that I purchased. Oh, and Korey was a great shopping buddy--especially when it came to the various rolls that I took the time in showing him.

My bay-bay is a handsome lil' man! Gosh, he's beautiful......

....*ahem*, anyways, I plan to go back at the "butt-crack-of-dawn" (couldn't resist that line, sorry) on Black Friday to grab a few more items that were a wee bit out of our price range...Yay! I'm TOO excited for BF to arrive! Aren't you?! Ok, let's get through Thanksgiving first, right?

Jeez, I feel like the woman in those new Target commercials...

like this one.

Short but sweet tangent:
Try as I might, I am having a difficult time finishing (and posting) the little projects that I have been working on this past week. As I stated here, it gets crazy around the house while hubby (I hate that word) is at work. Especially since my baby boy needs so much of my attention:) In fact, I've gotten up a total of four times to tend to his needs since starting this post...and finally with great success! He is down for his afternoon nap and I get to have some "me" time before starting dinner.


  1. butt crack of dawn lol...m gunna try and do the same lol..

  2. :) I don't know about BF. I haven't been brave enough to get out there yet lol My brother's trying to convince me to go with him as he venture's out for the first time this year lol
    Korey is a special little man indeed! The pic shows how happy he is that mommy wanted his "opinion" on the wrappers lol
    Did he frown @ some & smile @ others? lol

  3. hahah i just watchced the rest of those target commercials...haha so funny! are u going early?

  4. Oh man, aren't they hilarious!? Yep, we are only 1/2 mile from out Target! Karlton has that day off, so I plan to leave Korey with him...oh gosh, I hope it works out! I'd hate to drag Korey out of the house so early, and I'd also hate to ruin Karlton's day off by possibly having Korey ruin his slumber!...soooooo, we'll see what happens. LOL.